Richard Burbidge Trademark White Primed Half Tulip Newel 90mm

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The Trademark range of stair parts from Richard Burbidge has something to suit every style from tradtional to modern.

The White Primed Tulip Half newel post is fasted to a wall at the end of a landing . It has a top block of 160mm, a turned middle section of 565mm. There is a 50mm peg on the bottom of the newel that fits into a 90mm half newel base. A half cap is also required for the top of the newel.

The White Primed Trademark range comes with an oil based primer on.

Please note the shade of white on our white primed products may vary between products. This is a primed product so is ready to receive a top coat of paint. This item has been primed on a hardwood base such as tulip wood or poplar. We advise that a solvent based topcoat is used with our White Primed products.

Newel Post Dimensions: 725mm x 90mm x 45mm (excluding the peg)

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