How to make effective use of glass in a staircase

Glass stair panels are an increasingly popular option for home owners looking to refresh their staircase.

At Stair Parts Online, we have one of the largest ranges of glass stair panels in the UK. This includes parts and accessories from renowned companies including Richard Burbidge with their popular Fusion range and Cheshire Mouldings with their Elements with Glass ranges.

Here we provide you with the key reasons behind the rise in popularity of glass-based staircases:

Increased light and illusion of space

As glass is transparent, glass stair panels allow light to travel much more freely through the stairway and penetrate the surrounding areas making them feel much brighter. Glass stair panels also help to create the illusion of increased space around the home, particularly if you have a smaller space to work with. And with less frames and spindles there is a much clearer view too.

Reflections Glass Stair Parts

Unobtrusive and versatile

As glass is unobtrusive, glass staircases are hugely versatile and can work in most décors. Whether you’re trying to achieve a contemporary design or a more traditional look, glass stair panels can help to achieveeither of these.

Immix Stair Parts

Easy to install and maintain

Glass stair panels typically attach using brackets or clamps, and in some instances the baserail and handrail will have grooves for the glass to slot in to, making them easier to install than many staircases.

Once installed, they are extremely easy to maintain too. Although cleaning the glass panels might seem like a daunting task, they simply require a wipe down with a bit of glass cleaner and a cloth. You can read more in our blog on how to care for your glass staircase.

Glass Panel Clamps / Brackets

Toughened and highly durable

Glass stair panels are made of toughened glass, meaning they are extremely strong and durable. This makes them able to withstand a fair amount of pressure and are resistant from shattering from day-to-day knocks.

Elements with glass stair parts

A long-term investment

As glass stair panels do not fade or lose their quality, they make a great long-term investment for your home. They will stay looking as good as the day they were fitted for many years and maintain their value for your home.

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