White Primed Teesdale Spindle 32mm x 900mm

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The White Primed Teesdale Spindle 32mm x 900mm is from our great range of high quality white primed stair parts.

It has a top block length of 190mm, middle turning of 415mm and bottom block of 295mm.

The spindle is designed to fit in a 32mm groove on both 32mm grooved handrails and 32mm grooved baserails.

Please note the shade of white on our white primed products may vary between products. This is a primed product so is ready to receive a top coat of paint. This item has been primed on a hardwood base such as tulip wood or poplar. We advise that a solvent based topcoat is used with our White Primed products.

Spindle Dimensions: 900mm x 32mm x 32mm

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